Places we’ve been to, things we’ve seen, events we’ve experienced, lives we’ve led…


1.  6th Annual Coffee and Tea Festival  – New York City

2.  Surf’s Up – Surfing in San Juan, La Union, Philippines.

3.  Shakespeare and Company – Paris, France

4.  My Favorite Cupcakes – New York City

…and Living

1.  Life After a MA in Anthropology – Adventures in job hunting for an Anthropology graduate.

2.  A NYC Date – (Not your) typical dating scene in New York City.

3.  Pack You! – On the frustrating task of packing and moving.

4.  I Don’t Have to be Nice! – About not having to be nice…

5.  A Self-Reflection about Family Dictatorship… – Unavoidable family angst.

6.  First Chat – What tech-savvy babies type to their fathers…

7.  Holy Week Hassles – Rants and frustrations and regrets of a procrastinator.

8.  Run,  Baby, Run – A calendar of running events around the Philippines for 2011.

9.  May the Fourth be with You! – A top 10 list of everything and anything sci-fi in celebration of Star Wars Day.

10.  La Cucuracha:  The New York City Subway Version

11.  Vive la Difference!

12.  Help a Brooklyn Baker:  Buy her pies before Thanksgiving!


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