Reviews on movies, television shows, plays, and everything visual.

1.  My Favorite Movies of 2010

2.  10 Best-Reviewed Filipino Films of 2010

3.  Lost in Austen

4.  The Best and Worst of Cinemalaya 7

5.  Of Fathers and Sons – A movie review of Pahinga.

6.  Lost in Translation:  A Pseudo-review of 2 French FilmsLa Pianiste and Les Adventures Extraoidinaires d’Adele Blanc-Sec.

7.  John Torres, the Art Prankster – A review of Mapang-akit.

8.  A Very Short Review of Zombadings

9.  Of Fathers and Sons Part 2 – A review of Teoriya.

10.  Desperate Measures – A review of Aswang.

11.  Film Review:  Tundong Magiliw

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