Who We Are

Welcome to Three Time Zones… The three of us met in college a very long time ago, studying Anthropology in a university in Manila.   Now, living in three different cities (Manila, Melbourne and New York), we spend most of our time at work, at home and/or at school, pretending to lead interesting lives.

We thought of putting up a blog because we have way too much time on our hands, and of course, to express and share our views on movies, books, music, food, places, culture, the minutiae of daily life, and everything in between.  I guess you can say that this blog is more of an outlet; an outlet for killing boredom, for venting our frustrations, for getting our creative juices flowing, etc.

So now that you’re here, stay a while, explore and read a bit.  We welcome all comments, rants, raves, questions, concerns and suggestions.

Who We Are…


There are only three things in life I love doing: (1) Reading (2) travelling and (3) complaining.  Unfortunately, because I have to work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 4 weeks a month and 12 months a year to pay my bills, I don’t have much time (and resources) to do #1 and #2…which causes me to do a lot of #3. Believe me when I say that I have gotten very good at it…

And when I’m not busy complaining about work, books, movies and people, in real life, you can find me complaining about books, work, and people, online.

The Lost Daisy in the City

I am in my mid-30s (crap!) and STILL SINGLE (double-crap!) and seemingly forever lost in a city that is full of many people so wrapped up in their careers and where time passes by in “a New-York-minute”.

In a zombified state, I would stay awake during unearthly hours– thinking of escape routes–away from the craziness of this hectic city life, and thinking and planning of how and where to search for “le bonheur” (happiness) and true “l’amour” (love). Ah, “la vie” (life)!

Aside from working my butt off, looking for “le bonheur” or “l’amour” or mourning for the loss of these two, I trudge around the city in the quest for the most scrumptious cupcakes, delicious tapas, delightful sangrias, and diverse types of food that are the most orgasmic–well, that is according to my palate.

And when the tough gets going, I become a cineaste and immerse myself in international films. I would run away to the world of books and read the latest work by a favorite author. I would dive into a heaven of chocolate cake or seek refuge in a museum……anything of interest and within my many interests that I could do in order to momentarily forget the crazy world that I breathe in.


1. I used to love reading books. Ironically, since I’ve started my PhD, I’ve become allergic to them. I’d start reading then fall asleep.

2. I try to watch a movie every day. Earlier today I saw this Greek film, Dogtooth. Crazy film. Loved it.

3. I love lists, be they favorite movies, grocery items, or self-descriptions for blogs.

4. I have been elected mayor… in CityVille.

5. I am a proud father to a beautiful girl and a lucky husband to her as-beautiful mother.

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