Missing “Just Like Mother’s”

just like mother's restaurant

Just Like Mother’s Restaurant (Photo Source: http://www.justlikemothers.com)

Tucked away in Forest Hills (Queens, NY) was a Polish restaurant named “Just Like Mother’s“. I thought that it was one of the best restaurants in Forest Hills. I used to live nearby and would go there sometimes for a Saturday or Sunday brunch–a plate of sauerkraut and mushroom pierogies, cheese and fruit blinztes or a small stack of banana pancakes. Oh, so delicious! And after work hours in Manhattan, I would at times have dinner there–for my usual, the Hunter Pork’s Chop. A  moist breaded pork chop that had been stuffed with sauerkraut and mushrooms. Yep, I love mushrooms! Can’t go wrong with mushrooms mixed with sauerkraut!

I love this hole-in-the-wall Polish restaurant so much that I had taken my husband (the boyfriend then) there for dinner. He ordered the Long Island Roast Duck (half). It was stuffed with green apples and served with cranberry sauce and fries on the side. Ohhhhh…..the duck meat was so succulent–it just melted in your mouth.

just like mother's duck

Long Island Roast Duck (half). Stuffed with green apples and served with cranberry sauce and fries on the side.

And what did you think I ordered? Yep, the Hunter’s Pork Chop with an order of spinach.

pork chop

My husband and I wanted to go back there again, but unfortunately, it is now closed. Per the restaurant’s website, they were unable to “reach an agreement” with the landlord.  Sigh. I get so angry and sad at the death of another restaurant that serves such delicious food. We will definitely miss this place.

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