The Tiny Elephant

I love this neighborhood that I had been exploring in the past week. It is in the Montclair, New Jersey area near the Watchung Avenue NJ Transit Station. There are so many shops around–such as the Italian Butcher Shop, Rosario’s, and The Pie Shop. The latter is my favorite–The Pie Shop sells British food items and freshly baked products (oh, to die for!).

I walked into this cute bookstore called, Watchung Booksellers, where the well-dressed locals frequent to. And in that little bookshop is a little cafe with huge cupcakes. The cafe has a unique name, The Tiny Elephant. I wondered how they came up with the name. I also wondered if their cupcakes is as delicious as it looked. They served brunch dishes such as salads and sandwiches as well as other breakfast items. But all I wanted was a cupcake!

Without much hesitation, I ordered the Tres Leches cupcake–the only one left. Strangely, the server gave me a carrot cupcake instead. However, I didn’t complain that he gave me the wrong one. So a carrot cupcake it is! I also wanted a cup of latte. Unfortunately, they only served regular coffee. Hey, any coffee is just as good with a cupcake (in my opinion).

the tiny elephantb

Carrot cupcake and a cup of coffee. Take note of the cute tiny elephant creamer holder.


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