Cha-An: My Favorite Japanese Tea House in NYC

Black sesame ice cream and black sesame cracker.

When work got tough and stressful and my co-worker friends and I needed to bitch about it in style–over dessert, tea, and a glass of delicious sake mojito, we go to Cha-An. A Japanese tea house located in the St. Marks area. It was our favorite, and the sake mojito became our favorite drink. Unfortunately, Cha-An no longer serves this all-time favorite drink of ours–it is quite a disappointment to me since I have never found any other cocktail drink like this one.

Sake Mojito - My Favorite!

Sake Mojito – my favorite!


A chocolate mochi and a cake roll (strawberry? I forgot).


A madeline and a macaroon. The perfect pair.


A beautiful tea pot that housed warm and delicious jasmine tea.


The beautiful tea pot and a yuzu-tini which they no longer serve!


Chocolate souffle and raspberry sauce–what a perfect combination of flavors.


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