Federal Donuts – A Must-Go-To in Philly


Two of my friends and I headed out to Philadelphia, PA. We took the SEPTA train from Trenton, New Jersey and got off at 15th Street. Before heading out to the Philadelphia Art Museum, we decided to get our brunch at Federal Donuts located on 1632 Sansom Street.

We ordered three different doughnuts: cookies & cream, raspberry lemon, and coconut. The doughnuts were so soft—the same cake but different icing flavors and toppings. It was so damn good! We also wanted to order wings but we had to wait until 11 AM. That’s when they serve their famous wings.

Oh, my! The Korean-style wings were so crunchy and tasty. I did not like the chili-garlic glazed wings as much but I really loved the honey-ginger. You can the taste the fresh ginger.  To die for! If you have the chance to go to Federal Donuts, order the honey-ginger glazed wings. Scrumptious. Damn, I’m hungry again.


Cookies & Cream, Raspberry Lemon, and Coconut

Chili-Garlic Glazed Wings

Chili-Garlic Glazed Wings



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