2014 Cinemalaya Day 3

#Y (Gino Santos)

#YWith this movie, Santos and writer Jeff Stelton have declared themselves the most qualified film chroniclers of the country’s upper-middle class Millennials. It’s a huge responsibility, and I believe they’re up to the task. #Y retains the same vibrant energy as The Animals but now it’s less a cautionary tale of the excesses of the young and more an inside peek at privileged kids’ collective psyche. 


Mariquina (Milo Sogueco)
MariquinaAll cast and crew deliver their A-game in this tastefully crafted drama that refuses to cut corners, hits all the right notes, and thus completely earns its big-hearted sentimentality. What a joy to experience a work of art that’s as close to perfection as it gets. And I’m now officially on the Bing Pimentel bandwagon. My favorite local film of the year so far. 





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