2014 Cinemalaya Day 2

The Janitor (Michael Tuviera)

The JanitorMixes elements of East Asian neo-noir, Pinoy family melodrama, and mixed martial arts to create a perfectly serviceable actioner with some solid perfs (Trillo, Reyes). Would have benefited from a slightly slower pace to give viewers time to emotionally latch on to any character.



Bwaya (Francis Xavier Pasion)

A gorgeous-looking, well-meaning film that unfortunately stumbles towards the last act Bwayaas it searches for a purpose higher than the mere retelling of a tragedy. The “bwayas on land” thesis is not well fleshed out, and I’m not sold on the decision to include the interviews and footage of the real parents as it makes the film feel like a TV documentary, which ironically makes the filmmakers seem complicit to the very media exploitation that the film criticizes.


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