The Misanthropologist

I’ve been struggling all weekend to come up with a passable review of Max Barry’s 2013 thriller, Lexicon.  

The problem isn’t because I didn’t like it – I liked it just fine.  As a matter of fact, I quite enjoyed it and thought it was fresh and original, though a bit confusing at times – it’s a fast-paced thriller told in a somewhat roundabout way, starting in the middle of the story, then going back and forth between the beginning of the story, the recent past, and the present.

And it isn’t because I didn’t really understand what was going on – Lexicon is essentially about the power of words, and how, when used correctly by trained individuals with innate abilities, words can persuade, overpower, control, and even kill people.

I guess the problem is, I’m struggling to describe the book without giving it away, which is quite hard to do.


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