My Own 2nd Quarter Citations for 2014

Last April, I posted my 1st quarter choices for the best of Philippine cinema, where I only had two films (Mana and Norte) cited for Best Film. The first half of the Philippine film year is usually a dry spell as far as quality is concerned because the independent film festivals do not start until July.

The second quarter is even more dire as only King Palisoc’s expertly executed thriller Makina, a short film that is part of the omnibus Bang Bang Alley, is worth citing for Best Film. In fact, all of my technical citations go to the films of Bang Bang Alley. It is only in the Best Performance category where I find room for two other films: Maybe This Time (for Martin and Geronimo) and Diary ng Panget (for Lustre).

Here’s hoping that the rest of the year more than makes up for the disappointing first half.


Makina (King Palisoc)



Art Acuña, Aso’t Pusa’t Daga

Sarah Geronimo, Maybe This Time

Nadine Lustre, Diary ng Panget

Coco Martin, Maybe This Time

Gabe Mercado, Makina

Bela Padilla, Aso’t Pusa’t Daga

Joel Torre, Aso’t Pusa’t Daga



Aso’t Pusa’t Daga (Yan Yuzon)

Makina (Zig Marasigan)



Makina (Edzon Rapisora)


Cinematography and Visual Design

Makina (Nowie Cornelia)


Sound and Aural Orchestration

Aso’t Pusa’t Daga (Ely Buendia, Jazz Nicolas, Mikey Amistoso)

Makina (Ely Buendia, Jazz Nicolas, Mikey Amistoso)

Pusakal (Ely Buendia, Jazz Nicolas, Mikey Amistoso)


still from Makina (image source: My Movie World)


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