The Yard

yardThe Yard is the first book in Alex Grecian’Scotland Yard’s Murder SquadSeries about the hardworking members of Scotland Yard in the late 1880s.

Set in chaotic London in the aftermath of Jack the Ripper’s unsolved murders where police morale is low, while the public’s distrust is high, Walter Day, a Constable from Devon, becomes the newest addition to Scotland Yard’s Murder Squad.

Less than a week on the job, Inspector Day is handed his first case – a brutal murder of fellow detective, Inspector Little.  Not known to have been missing, Inspector Little’s body is found mutilated and stuffed into a trunk left in a busy London railway station.  Being new in the Yard with no attachment to Inspector Little, Inspector Day decides to take on Inspector Little’s murder case.  With only a handful of detectives in the Murder Squad and hundreds of unsolved cases, the Yard finds itself stretched almost to breaking point, with overworked and underpaid members. (Read the rest of this article).


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