The Once and Future King

arthurHic iacet Arthurus, rex quondam, rexque futurus (Here lies Arthur, king once and king to be) – those are the words allegedly inscribed on the tomb of the legendary King Arthur, according to Sir Thomas Malory who compiled medieval stories about King Arthur in Le Morte d’Arthur.

Sir Malory collected English and French stories about the legendary king and put them all together in one King Arthur resource book, which T.H. White draws from in his modern-day re-telling, The Once and Future King.

The Once and Future King is a compilation of 4 different novellas written by T.H. White at different times of his life, about the life and times of King Arthur, as a boy, in the care of Sir Ector of Forest Sauvage, to his early days as king, establishing the Round Table, to the glory days of Camelot, up to the eventual fall of chivalry in the Dark Ages.

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