Festival Dispatches: MMFF Day 1

I might have appreciated Paglaya sa Tanikala if I were a 7-year old Catholic schoolboy. As a 33-year old atheist though, most of this goody-two-shoes super-religious film felt like nails on a chalkboard. Black and white characterization and Guidicelli’s stolid acting and Wansapanataym narration don’t make things any better. C-

I like Ad Ignorantiam‘s message more than its filmmaking. As with other Zig Dulay scripts this year (Posas and Qwerty), it scrutinizes the country’s judicial system. Here the focus is on the local courtroom scene and its maddeningly frustrating legalese and stubborn insistence on using the English language that further alienate the masa from bureaucracy. In documenting an innocent working man’s mistrial, this is a poor man’s Give Up Tomorrow.

What kept me from loving the film is its undisciplined camera work that employs the shaky cam too liberally. Yes, our justice system is a big headache. The film’s viewers don’t have to suffer one. B

Gayak doesn’t earn the tears it wants viewers to shed. The film only really peaks dramatically towards the end. By then it’s too late for viewers to be involved in the characters’ stories. C


2 thoughts on “Festival Dispatches: MMFF Day 1

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