Cinemanila Film Festival Dispatches: Day 2

Hell hath no fury (and, er, ‘culinary creativity’) like Janice de Belen scorned. Pusang Gala is a tragicomic love story between a middle-aged woman and a younger man she takes under her care and develops feelings for. De Belen is magnetic and Yul Servo is infuriatingly charming as a hard-up man with simple ambitions. One of O’Hara’s funniest works. B+

The Great Cinema Party is a series of footages of WW2 in the Philippines and of (mostly) Caucasian twenty-somethings on a tour in Corregidor and in an ancestral house of someone who once worked in Philippine cinema. It then culminates with the tourists attending a party with some of the biggest names in Philippine independent cinema (Brillante Mendoza, Adolf Alix, John Torres, and Raymond Lee, among others) in attendance. I think this is the least conceptual and most lackadaisical of Martin’s works. For the most part I felt like I was just watching video files off someone’s phone. C

Mendoza fell in love with Tawi-Tawi and its people and it shows in Thy Womb: a picturesque, lyrical, appropriately quiet depiction of one of the most peace-loving peoples in the world – the Bajau. Towards the end, Lovi Poe’s character provides the film with its most important dramatic point, yet her character is curiously underdeveloped that the viewers will be left guessing her motivations for going against tradition. Also, I hate the title: it’s so Christian. B+

Jugle Love has the makings of a classic. There’s a reason why Sanchez is the go-to guy when someone needs to consult someone on their ‘art film’: dude knows what he’s doing. If you can picture Picnic at Hanging Rock as an erotic comedy, Jungle Love comes close to that approximation. Sanchez taps into the inherent mysticism and eroticism of the Philippine jungle (the sexually suggestive crevices, the return to man’s bestial nature, etc.) to create one of the strangest, funniest, sexiest films I’ve seen in a while. A+


9 thoughts on “Cinemanila Film Festival Dispatches: Day 2

  1. I believe you have seen only half of the movie Thy Womb and you are reviewing it here now? How come? I hope you have the courtesy to inform your readers that you have seen only half of the film or totally remove your review here.

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  6. on the basis of the title sounding “Christian” and lovi poe’s character being underdeveloped, you gave a B+ rating? well, this certainly casts doubt on your being tagged a “young critic”,

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