Cinema One Originals Dispatches: Day 4

There’s one song in EDSA XXX that goes (and I paraphrase) “Sino ang magiging pangulo ng republika: yung may pinakamababang IQ? Yung may pinakamababang EQ? Yung may pinakamababang sahod? O yung may pinakamababang alley-oop?”

That last line throws one for a loop because it’s so random, and, like a Third World Terry Gilliam, the film’s appeal lies in its randomness, madness, absurdity. But in focusing on the pomp and pageantry, the film fails to connect on an emotional level. There’s no one character in the film that I could empathize with. I also thought it could’ve done away with the juxtaposition with the Manila rally footages: the Corregidor scenes are socially aware enough as they are. B-

A generation of high school students will remember Alfred Vargas as Bonifacio when Supremo will be made required viewing in schools across the country. Vargas confirms his status as one of the best actors working in Philippine cinema, imbuing the hero with both bombast and finesse in the right moments. The stiff, monotonous delivery of the non-professional actors in the cast is the sore spot in this otherwise meticulously crafted, heartfelt movie. Finally, a Somes film I liked since Yanggaw. B+


2 thoughts on “Cinema One Originals Dispatches: Day 4

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