Cinema One Originals Dispatches: Day 3

One thing Melodrama Negra is not is boring. In trying to entertain, though, the script treats its characters like rag dolls, making them do stupid things with the flimsiest of motivations. As a result, it plays fast and loose with viewers’ emotions. B-

Anak Araw is fascinating and exasperating at the same time. I like that it’s a big ‘fuck you’ to commercial cinema. I’m just amused that the Lopezes fund Vice Ganda films along with obtuse experimental films like this. Maybe Cinema One Originals is one form of ABS-CBN’s CSR (read: guilt assuager)? B-

I love how Ato Bautista sets up a claustrophobic atmosphere in Palitan, much like what Peque did in Scorpio Nights. The difference with the classic and this one is the sex scenes in Scorpio never seem exploitative (even if they get increasingly more risqué). Here, there’s one gratuitous scene (the first sex scene between Mara and Mon) that lasts forever, complete with sexy music that’s synchronized with the lovers’ thrusts. I felt I wasn’t watching the characters anymore but two actors in a soft core flick. B-


4 thoughts on “Cinema One Originals Dispatches: Day 3

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