Philippine Movie Awards 2013: Best Film Contenders (as of December 4)


Bwakaw (Jun Lana)




Thy Womb (Brillante Mendoza)




Diablo (Mes de Guzman)

Mater Dolorosa (Adolfo Alix, Jr.)





Requieme! (Loy Arcenas)

Kamera Obskura (Raymond Red)

Aparisyon (Vincent Sandoval)

Ang Paglalakbay ng mga Bituin sa Gabing Madilim (Arnel Mardoquio)





One More Try (Ruel Bayani)

angel one more




El Presidente (Mark Meily)

On the Bubble:

  • I Do Bidoo Bidoo (Chris Martinez)
  • Kalayaan (Adolfo Alix Jr.)
  • Posas (Lawrence Fajardo)
  • Pascalina (Pam Miras)
  • The Mistress (Olivia Lamasan)
  • Unofficially Yours (Cathy Garcia-Molina)
  • Graceland (Ron Morales)
  • Alagwa (Ian Loreños)
  • Florentina Hubaldo, CTE (Lav Diaz)
  • Santa Niña (Emmanuel Palo)

Dark Horses:

  • Migrante (Joel Lamangan)
  • Colossal (Whammy Alcazaren)
  • Jungle Love (Sherad Anthony Sanchez)
  • In Nomine Matris (Will Fredo)
  • Ang Nawawala (Marie Jamora)
  • The Animals (Gino Santos)
  • Catnip (Kevin Dayrit)
  • Ad Ignorantiam (Armando Lao)
  • Supremo (Richard Somes)
  • Oros (Paul Sta. Ana)

Possible Contenders:

  • Melodrama Negra (Maribel Legarda)
  • Mga Dayo (Julius Sotomayor Cena)
  • Qiyamah (Teng Mangansakan)
  • Obscured Histories and Silent Longings of Daguluan’s Children (Teng Mangansakan)
  • Ang Mga Kidnaper ni Ronnie Lazaro (Sigfreid Barros-Sanchez)
  • Catnip (Kevin Dayrit)
  • Mariposa sa Hawla ng Gabi (Richard Somes)
  • Baybayin (Auraeus Solito)
  • Mga Mumunting Lihim (Jose Javier Reyes)
  • The Grave Bandits (Tyrone Acierto)
  • Anac Ti Pating (Martin Masadao)
  • Mamay Umeng (Dwein Baltazar)

6 thoughts on “Philippine Movie Awards 2013: Best Film Contenders (as of December 4)

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  2. Living in Canada, I haven’t seen many of the films. I have seen “Graceland” and thought it was wonderful! Why isn’t it considered as a front runner? Is it because it’s perceived as too dark?

    • Wattsatthemovies, you might be right about Graceland’s frontrunner status, actually. The only reason why I put it under “On the Bubble” is it received mixed reviews from a few critics who viewed it, although it got shortlisted by the Film Academy for its Oscar Foreign Language submission. The tension that Morales created for the film is commendable, but I personally thought it went too far in depicting Manila as a hellhole. Had Morales set it in a more remote Philippine city, the criminality portrayed might have been more credible, if only because Manila media these days are very vigilant and I don’t think a pedophile congressman can readily trust his driver as an accomplice.

      • I didn’t perceive Manila as being a big hellhole as I watched the film. I think that Morales balanced the story enough for us to know that this is an exceptional story in exceptional circumstances, which made it all the more relatable. Since the film is also a US co-production, perhaps it’ll give it more of an edge at the Phils Movie Awards ’cause it’s visibility oustide of the country is already higher. What do you think?

        Good on it for making the cut for the Foreign Language Oscar short list! Let’s hope it makes it to the Top 5! 🙂

  3. Just a clarification: It was shortlisted by the Film Academy of the Philippines, but the body ultimately chose to submit Bwakaw as the Philippine entry, which I think is more Oscar-friendly.

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