What Doesn’t Make a Man: Quick Thoughts on ‘This Guy’s In Love With U Mare!’

When the film is not annoyingly shrill, it’s deathly boring. It’s hard to like a movie where all the characters don’t act like how normal human beings act in real life. Plus, for all its purported championing of sexual fluidity (that a straight man who had sexual relations with a gay man doesn’t make him less of a man), its understanding of heterosexual masculinity is juvenile at best (e.g. ‘See? Marunong akong manggulpi! Hindi ako bakla!‘). Luis Manzano punches Vice Ganda in the gut and he doesn’t only get away with it, Vice continues to pine for his affection. If that isn’t a reinforcement of a twisted tolerance for abusive relationships, I don’t know what is.

The slapstick is forgivable because, let’s face it, this is Wenn Deramas, but the seeming nonchalant and encouraging attitude for physical violence to prove one’s manhood is caveman mentality: it’s disgusting and should never be tolerated in popular culture.


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