Capsule review: Jingle Lang ang Pahina

2012 will be remembered as the year when Filipino documentary films fully bloomed. Jay Abello’s Pureza, Lito Tabay’s Walay Tumoy nga Punterya, Benito Bautista’s Harana, and Chuck Escasa’s Jingle Lang ang Pahina are all excellent works that tackle fascinating subjects that not a lot of Filipinos today are familiar with (sugar, backyard gunmaking, harana and the cultural phenomenon of Jingle magazine, respectively). Not to mention a few other documentaries from the First Sineng Pambansa film festival that I haven’t seen.

Jingle Lang takes viewers back to the emergence and eventual spread of the influence of Jingle Chordbook-Magazine, the then premier music and pop culture magazine in the Philippines in the 1970s up to the 1990s, through the recollection of its former writers, as well as some musicians who were influenced by the publication. The film is such a nostalgic delight that made me wish I was born a bit earlier so I could have partaken of the phenomenon that tremendously shaped the OPM landscape.


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