Capsule Review: Walay Tumoy na Punterya

Director Cierlito Tabay knows the secret to making a great documentary: find a fascinating subject. He did it last year with his short Undo (about a talented Cebuano visual artist ruined by drug abuse and poverty), and he does it again here.

With a detached workmanlike precision, he dives right into the subculture of the backyard gunmaking industry in Danao, Cebu, eschewing voiceover narration and letting the power of the issue speak for itself. The film effectively depicts a city torn between supporting the craft that it’s been known for (in the process breathing life to its economy) and enforcing the law against loose firearms.

This is filmmaking at its fearless best and, so far, one of the best Pinoy films of 2012.


2 thoughts on “Capsule Review: Walay Tumoy na Punterya

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