Best of Cinemalaya 2012

All in all, this year’s edition is a strong one. Here are my rankings and choices for the individual categories:


  1. REquieme! – perceptive, hilarious, poignant
  2. Aparisyon – restrained, intense, harrowing
  3. Bwakaw – well-crafted, honest, heart-warming
  4. Kalayaan – demented, gorgeous, spellbinding
  5. Posas – patient, nuanced, meticulous
  6. Diablo – strange, haunting, opaque
  7. Sta. Niña – glossy, sweeping, heartfelt
  8. Ang Nawawala – polished, charming, indulgent
  9. Mga Dayo – poignant, genuine, uneven
  10. Kamera Obskura – ambitious, interesting, heavy-handed
  11. Oros – well-acted, trite, uninvolving
  12. Ang Katiwala – intriguing, lost, (unintentionally) funny
  13. The Animals – energetic, exploitative, misguided
  14. Intoy Syokoy ng Kalye Marino – paint-by-numbers, amateurish, uninspired
  15. Mga Mumunting Lihim – loud, hackneyed, annoying

Direction: Aparisyon (Vincent Sandoval)
Screenplay: REquieme! (Rody Vera)
Cinematography: Kalayaan (Albert Banzon)
Editing: Aparisyon (Jerrold Tarog and Vincent Sandoval)
Music: Kalayaan (Teresa Barrozo)
Production Design: Kamera Obskura (Daniel Red and Cesar Hernando)
Sound: Kalayaan (Ditoy Aguila)

Lead Performances:

  1. Anthony Falcon, REquieme!
  2. Shamaine Buencamino, REquieme!
  3. Eddie Garcia, Bwakaw
  4. Kristoffer King, Oros
  5. Pen Medina, Kamera Obskura
  6. Olga Natividad, Mga Dayo
  7. Ama Quiambao, Diablo
  8. Annicka Dolonius, Ang Nawawala
  9. Coco Martin, Sta. Niña
  10. JM de Guzman, Intoy Syokoy

Supporting Performances:

  1. Jodi Sta. Maria, Aparisyon
  2. Arthur Acuña, Posas
  3. Raquel Villavicencio, Aparisyon
  4. Fides Cuyugan-Asensio, Aparisyon
  5. Mylene Dizon, Aparisyon
  6. Felix Roco, Ang Nawawala
  7. LJ Reyes, Intoy Syokoy
  8. Agot Isidro, Mga Mumunting Lihim
  9. Patrick Sugui, The Animals
  10. Janice de Belen, Mga Mumunting Lihim

Ensemble Performances:

  1. Aparisyon
  2. REquieme!
  3. Sta. Niña
  4. Bwakaw
  5. Ang Nawawala

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