Sineng Pambansa 2012 Winners

Grand Festival Prize: Ang mga Kidnaper ni Ronnie Lazaro (Sigfreid Barros-Sanchez)

BEBOT, a former Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) has been down and out of luck after the Middle East crisis, that left him jobless and his family leaving him in the process. He hatches a plan with his loser friends from Quiapo — PIPOY, a call center agent; BOY GEORGE, a camera repairman; ABDUL, a Muslim pirated DVD seller; HESUS, a prophet of doom; and HECTOR, a former stuntman who has grown fat because of the demise of action films — to make an independent film of their own starring what to them is the most famous Filipino indie film actor nowadays especially with the sudden boom of indie films — RONNIE LAZARO. However, things became complicated when RONNIE LAZARO decides to beg off from acting on their supposed indie film. They suddenly found themselves accidentally kidnapping RONNIE and holing him up at BEBOT’s old dilapidated place in Quiapo. What will happen now that they have the most famous indie actor in the Philippines? Will they be able to finish their film on time? Or will the kidnapping test their bond of friendship?

Grand Jury Prize: Qiyamah (Teng Mangansakan)

One morning, residents of a rural village are horrified when the sun rises in the West. According to Islamic belief, this phenomenon signals the Apocalypse or Qiyamah. As folks react differently to the situation, a family reconciles with its own dark past as the village confronts its own share of secrets and myths. Then a tragedy strikes when a young woman is raped and her brother brutally murdered as he tries to avenge her. Steep in superstition, the villagers attribute these to the Devil himself.

Qwerty (Ed Lejano)

Based on a found story about a Youtube video that went viral last year that implicated some members of a Manila precinct. It captured on camera how some uniformed men had subjected a suspected drug pusher with cigarette burns as they tied his genitals with a string. This screenplay is a fictionalized account of a disgruntled cop, who has been wrongly implicated in a torture video that went viral. It begins on his last night of duty, as he is about to leave for abroad for better job prospects.

Best Actor: Ensemble cast of Ang mga Kidnaper ni Ronnie Lazaro

Best Actress: Sue Prado (In Banka ha ut sin Duwa Sapah)

In Banka… is about a mother, MARYAM (Sue Prado) who swims from one end of the river to the other using a makeshift bangka made out of banana stalks just to put her two kids, ABDEL (Jermaine Patrick Ulgasan) and AMIR (Malik Bunyi) to school. Problem arises when at the other side of the river, government military forces are holding camp while on the other side of the river are where the extremist Muslim rebels are holed up. What happens when these two forces clash? Will the mother still be able to give her kids a good education?

Best Cinematography: Qiyamah (McRobert Nacario)

Best Documentary: Walay Tumoy’ng Punterya (Cierlito Tabay)

About the backyard gun-making industry in Danao City, Cebu.

Best Animated Short: Si Pagong at si Matsing (Carmen del Prado, Didy Evangelista and Mai Saporsantos)

Si Pagong at si Matsing is adapted from the Filipino folktale “Monkey and the Turtle.” Using cutout and flash animation, this adaptation updates and makes the story relevant to contemporary viewers.


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