Gotta Love the Corn @ Café Habana

The rather cramp spaced Café Habana at 17 Prince St. in New York City serves the best grilled corn topped with cotija cheese, chili powder, and lime (optional). I believe I detected a little bit of mayonnaise on it as well (or was I dreaming?). Whenever I crave for grilled corn with all the great toppings, I would always head to Café Habana. Absolutely orgasmically delicious. This grilled corn just hits the spot.

Delicious grilled corn at Café Habana. It is topped with chili powder, cotija cheese, and you can opt to drench it with lime. The slices of lime are hidden underneath one of the corn cobs. (Picture by The Lost Daisy in the City)

I have tasted other items listed in Café Habana’s menu, ranging from the pressed Cuban sandwich which consists of moist and juicy roast pork, ham, swiss cheese, and pickles–all stuffed in Parisi’s bread–to soft tacos. I have drank their frozen strawberry margarita and ice cold hibiscus tea. But none of these can ever compare my extreme liking  to their grilled corn.  (I am obsessed!) I would even be just satisfied to have it as my entrée.

Tacos al Pastor with Roast Pork Meat. I did not find this tasty. I realized that I was not fond of roast pork mixed with cooked pineapples. I will not order this dish again. (Picture by The Lost Daisy in the City)

If you are craving for grilled corn, my dear reader, and you are currently in New York City, head straight away to Café Habana. If you have a large party, the wait for a table can be awhile; however, if you are alone, the wait will not be too bad. I waited for about 5 minutes to get a seat at the bar. But believe me, a 5-30 minute wait is worth it for that delicious Café Habana grilled corn!

Check out the brief article about Café Habana in NYMAG:


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