Craving for Pina Colada or Bahamian Mussels? Negril Village is the place to go!

The delicious Negril Village Piña Colada. (Photo by The Lost Daisy in the City)

Whenever I crave for a piña colada, I would think about the Jamaican restaurant at 70 W 3rd St. called Negril Village.  I have only been there four times. But each time that I have been there was worth every bit of my money! And if only I had more money in my bank, I would go there nearly every time I feel like I need to ease my daily stresses by getting all  “piña coladafied”.

The first time I went to Negril Village was with my now boyfriend. He took me there on one of our first dates (the sixth date, I believe). The drinks and dishes that we ordered did not disappoint us at all! My boyfriend had ordered the Negril Sampler Platter consisting of jerk shrimp, jerk chicken ribettes (spicy grilled chicken thighs), codfish fritters, collard greens wontons, chips, and two types of dips. For those who don’t like spicy food, then beware of the jerk chicken ribettes! The “spicyness” is tongue burning! I, on the other hand, had ordered the mango barbecue chicken wings appetizer. The tangy taste of the tropical fruit sauce was absolutely heavenly! I had hungrily devoured all the wings! Everything was so delicious that we both declared that this was a restaurant worth coming back to.
The second time I went to Negril Village was to get a glass of that delicious piña colada. (Yep, you guessed it right!)  And of course, a Negril Sampler Platter. (I won’t lie!) This was another worth-every-penny experience.
 The third time I went was with a co-worker friend. I had told her about Negril Village‘s most delicious piña colada–the best one in comparison to the one I had tasted at The Shrine in Harlem. 
We started the meal with one of Negril Village‘s delicious appetizer’s, steamed Bahamian mussels  in a pool of orgasmically delicious “mild scotch bonnet-coconut broth”.  My co-worker friend and I thought that this plate was worth the $10 dollars–the serving size was pretty damn good for the price!

Negril Village's Bahamian mussels in scotch-bonnet-coconut broth--just $10 US dollars! (Photo by The Lost Daisy in the City)

Wanting to be able to taste as much of the dishes in the menu, we opted to order the Chef’s Tasting Plate for our entrée. It was a good choice! We were able to have a taste of Negril Village‘s goat curry, oxtail stew, and jerk chicken. For the sides, we chose bean rice, collard greens, and fried sweet plantains.

Chef Tasting Platter at Negril Village (Photo by: The Lost Daisy)

My co-worker and I loved our meal so much that we invited our other co-workers to have a post-work dinner at Negril Village.

And so not too long after our Negril Village eating trip, we went back with three other co-workers. This became my fourth visit to Negril Village.

We ordered the House Red Snapper which was pan-fried and topped with stewed okra.

The House Red Snapper - pan-fried, simmered in spices and fresh spices and topped with stewed okra. (Photo by The Lost Daisy in the City)

 We also ordered mango barbecue wings topped with bits of sweet corn kernels.

Mango BBQ Wings. (Photo by The Lost Daisy in the City)

I wanted to try the Jamaican Salt-Fish Cook-Up, so I told the group that this was the entrée that I wanted to order. The dish was served with boiled green bananas, dumpling and fried sweet plantains. However, I honestly did not like the dumpling–it was a rather bland lump.

The Jamaican Salt-Fish Cook-Up. (Photo by The Lost Daisy in the City)

We ordered the Chef’s Tasting Platter again so that everyone who has never been to Negril Village would be able to taste four different types of dishes for a pretty good price.

Well, dear reader, if you are ever in New York City, stop by at Negril Village. It’s worth your time and money!


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