Help a Brooklyn Baker: Buy her pies before Thanksgiving!

I came across an article by Alan Systma in the New York Grub Street website entitled, Brooklyn Baker Must Sell 1,600 Pies Before Thanksgiving–or Else The article is about Adrienne Braxton, a baker in Brooklyn, whose bakery, “Krumbs”, had been closed down by the city due to violating health regulations. As the title of the article indicates, she has to sell 1,600 pies in order to gain enough funds to re-open her shop.

I decided to post this in our blog, in case anyone who may come across our blog happen to be pie lovers living in New York City and would read this posting. Perhaps the pie-loving readers are looking for some pies to buy for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday dinner or maybe to just satisfy any pie cravings. This is also an informational posting to kind souls who would like to buy pies to help this Brooklyn baker raise the required funds!

For more information and details about Ms. Braxton’s story please click on the web link of the New York Grub Street article. Ms. Braxton’s story is also published in the Brooklyn Paper.  The Brooklyn Paper article entitled Pie in the Sky! Baker needs to make 1,600 tarts to save her business by Colin Mixson contains Ms. Braxton’s contact details if you are interested to order some pies.


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