My Favorite Cupcakes

Have you ever eaten a cupcake that was so dense and dry that it seemed like punishment in finishing it? Or a cupcake that was heavily topped with an extremely dense and sweet icing that you didn’t know if it was all about the icing instead of the cupcake?

I wanted to find a cupcake that had the perfect marriage of the moist cupcake and the light but flavorful icing.  I unashamedly became obsessed with finding this perfect cupcake.

Some of my friends who knew of my 2010 cupcake craze informed me which cupcake heavens in New York City are a must-go-to.  And thanks to such friends and their fabulous recommendations, I have found two cupcake shops in New York City which have pleased my palate and satisfied my cupcake cravings.

One of my closest Chinese-American friends had referred me to Butter Lane.

“They have the best cupcakes!”, she exclaimed.

Butter Lane

Located at 123 E 7th St., this bakery is rather small (maybe cozy is a better term) but its yellow painted walls exude a warm and bright vibe.  The lower shelves and on top of the counter area are a couple of trays full of cupcakes. Many already have icing on top–all ready for that cupcake-starved customer.

The counter area. (Photo by The Lost Daisy in the City)

Butter Lane’s menu can make your cupcake-addict eyes go in circles! Different types of cupcake flavors to choose from and all these various types of icing of your own choice! “American Chocolate, French Chocolate, Espresso, Raspberry….”

My eyes just hungrily scanned the whole board. I  settled for a banana cupcake with espresso icing ($3.00 in total).  So the friendly lady at the counter went at the back with a fresh banana cupcake and got out a jar of espresso icing. She generously topped that banana cupcake with that delicious espresso icing and placed three roasted coffee beans in the middle.

The menu board. (Photo by The Lost Daisy in the City)

Oh, my glorious! This was the best cupcake and icing combination! I bit into that soft and moist banana cupcake–a euphoric explosion of banana, vanilla, and espresso flavors! I died and went to Cupcake Heaven.

Banana cupcake and espresso icing from Butter Lane. (Photo by The Lost Daisy in the City)

I must recommend another recommended combination–chocolate cupcake with raspberry icing!

One of my co-workers recommended to me this cupcake shop called, Everything Frosted, that is located at 105 1/2 Mosco St.  When she told me about how this cupcake shop have “Asian flavors”–meaning green tea and black sesame cupcakes and icing–I knew this was a place to check out. This was an “East meets West” in the Cupcake World.

Everything Frosted

Who would have known that a little cupcake shop would be nestled in a small street right across a church and a fried dumpling store.   But there it is! The cupcake shop that caters to Asian tastes.

Like Butter Lane, you can choose different kinds of cupcake and icing combinations.  There were so many choices of cupcakes and icing! Green tea, chocolate, tiramisu, black sesame, mango, and even pink champagne! I seriously wanted to try the chocolate cupcake and green tea icing. I assume that would be such a great combination.  But they didn’t have any chocolate cupcakes at the time I went. So I ended up getting a green tea cupcake with green tea icing, tiramisu cupcake with tiramisu icing, and black sesame cupcake with black sesame icing (see the pictures  below). All of these three flavors were delicious! The cupcakes seemed denser in contrast to the ones by Butter Lane but the icing was so delicately and delightfully light–it just seemed to complement the semi-dense but moist cupcake.

The three cupcakes from Everything Frosted. (Photo by The Lost Daisy in the City)

And as 2011 is drawing to an end…..Butter Lane and Everything Frosted are still my all-time faves!

I would still frequent to Butter Lane and Everything Frosted from time to time–whenever I would need to satisfy a sudden cupcake craving.  And well,  yes, I must admit, I usually end up buying the same flavors.


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