A very short review of Zombadings

There are times when, in watching movies, I turn off the academic in me and just enjoy some films (especially comedy ones) for all their mindless fun. I mean, really, there’s no way for me to enjoy, say, Pak! Pak! My Dr. Kwak! or Pureza: Queen of the Riles if I approach them as intelligent films, because they clearly are not, and their filmmakers are aware that I’m not their target demographic. Sadly, I couldn’t do that with Zombadings because the subject matter requires that it not be taken lightly.

There’s no question that the movie has some hilarious bits, but I’m disappointed that it still falls into the trap of using gay lingo as comedy in itself (Virgin Labfest’s Kafatiran used the same concept, with funnier results). Plus, for all its gay-friendly intentions, the film’s ending was a copout. I wish it went full on subversive and ended with the protagonist embracing the joys of his new-found sexuality. Alas, it still adhered to society’s expectations that heterosexuality is the better option, and the movie predictably ended happily ever after, with a song and dance number at that.


One thought on “A very short review of Zombadings

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