La Cucaracha: The New York City Subway Version

She appeared to be in her 60s or maybe even older so it seemed to me. She was wearing a blonde wig that hid the age of her hair but one can make a harsh judgement of her age based by the wrinkles on her face.

Her large black rimmed eye glasses with exaggerated thick lenses made her eyes look like two blurred brown spots. Her white shirt was spotless and her hot pink socks sported with a pair of white sneakers matched her bright pink lipstick.

Many of us in the subway car looked at her. Many of us stared at her. I wondered where in the world did this woman sprouted from. It was as though she came from nowhere and suddenly appeared in this subway car at the 42nd Times Square station.

People rushed in to get into the subway car of this train that was soon bound for Queens.

The doors of the subway car closed.

This woman who seemed like 60 years old (or even beyond) with the hot pink socks and bright pink lipstick and huge black framed glasses held one of the subway’s metal poles.

I thought for a moment she was going to do a pole dance!

But she started to sing, her voice cracking in between verses:

La cucaracha, la cucaracha

ya no puede caminar

porque no tiene, porque le falta

marijuana para fumar.


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