Holy Week Hassles

I must be crazy trying to make Easter holiday reservations this late in the day.  I know it’s futile, and it really is nothing more than my last-ditch effort to escape any family-oriented outings and get-togethers being planned over the 4-day long holiday. 

Footprints on the sand...I won't be making because I was too lazy to plan ahead.

The Holy Week is the most anticipated holiday of the year, aside from the Christmas/New Year’s break, for many office drones.  I’m no devout Christian, but even I know that the sacred week was originally meant to be a time for mourning, repentance and rejoicing; but these days, people have completely forgotten about the mourning and repentance part and go straight to rejoicing, preferably while lounging on the beach somewhere sipping foo-foo drinks with little umbrellas.

From what should be a solemn week for Christians to reflect on the tragic life of Jesus Christ, Holy Week has evolved into a sort of mini Spring Break for workers of the corporate world. 

Indeed, the wise know to plan their Easter holiday vacations and make the necessary reservations right after the New Year’s holiday.  And rightly so, as every procrastinator knows, the longer you wait to make Holy Week plans, the more expensive and less available hotels/flights become.  Hotels/resorts and airlines know enough to capitalize on this holiday, add on to the fact that Holy Week usually falls on the summer months (in the Philippines at least). 

So here I am, desperately trying to book a hotel/resort/tour, something – anything, just to have a valid excuse not to be available for the Holy Week requisite family bonding-outing-in-the-beach-or-in-some-hot-springs activity.  I’m so desperate I’ll even take the beach. 

As I visit website after website of fully booked resorts/tours/flights, the true meaning of Holy Week is not lost to me as I mourn the inevitability of spending my 4-day holiday either at home or stuck with family members you really can’t say no to, and repent for procrastinating and not planning ahead.


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