This Just In…

The hottest news today this side of the world is the apparent suicide of former Secretary of National Defense, Angelo Reyes.

According to news sources, Angelo Reyes shot himself in the chest while visiting his mother’s grave, Tuesday morning.

Reyes has been in the news lately for allegedly taking part in a financial controversy involving the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Truth be told, I don’t know much about it, even though it is the main contents of the nightly news.

I’m usually not the “current events” type, but I was interested to learn that while Angelo Reyes was sitting in front of his mother’s tomb, he was reading a book before he killed himself. The book he was reading, I was disappointed to learn after much researching online, was Donald Trump’s autobiography, “Trump: The Art of the Deal.”

I was hoping it would be something more…revealing.

On second thought, maybe Reyes’ fascination and curiosity about Donald Trump’s life and how he runs his empire and spends his wealth says a lot about the former military man himself.

Or maybe it was just the first book he grabbed off his bookshelf before heading out that fateful morning…


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