Pack You!

So while I was at home, spending a quiet morning wrapping kitchen breakables in newspapers and putting them away in boxes, while de-frosting my freezer, my friend on the opposite side of the globe was having her tarot cards read by a Turkish transgender who looks like Ralph Fiennes, in the store of an Armenian rug-maker.

Is it me, or is life so unfair?

Well, my life is not totally devoid of fun and mystery…just to make things more interesting, I had the pilot episode of Fringe playing on the TV.  Exciting stuff…


It’s funny how you forget about the stuff you own just because you haven’t seen them years.  While pulling out random contents of my kitchen cabinets, I was surprised to find things I didn’t even know I had.

Take this for instance:

Because it's something every kitchen should have!

Where did I get this, and most importantly, why do I have this?  I can’t even understand why this kind of ‘machine’ exists.  Seriously, you need a special contraption to make perfect pancakes?

Who needs Armenian coffee-grounds readers when I’ve got a whole house full of lost, forgotten, interesting things to unearth!  Who says my life is boring!?

Not convinced?  Yeah, me neither…


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