I Don’t Have to be Nice!

My Blackberry vibrated. Ah! A text, and who can it be! I quickly picked up my phone and went to the “Messages Inbox”.

MESSAGE: “Hi, how are you?”

“Oh, my God”, I screamed in my mind. “It’s the neuroscientist!”

This was the neuroscientist (a potential date) who I had talked to a few days ago over the phone; AND who succeeded in making me extremely sleepy by his incessant talk. It was then that I had inevitably discovered that my cure for my sleeplessness was to simply talk to a neuroscientist—well, this particular neuroscientist that is—he is one effective sleeping pill.

I was about to hit the reply button. But then I stopped myself. I remembered one of my ex’s comments that I was probably too nice that men take advantage! So in that light, I asked myself if I really wanted to respond to this guy. And my answer was, “HELL NO!”  Some men would not respond if they didn’t want to correspond further so why can’t I do the same? To hell being the typical nurturing woman! Let the inner bitch rule for once!

So yes, I chose the inner bitch. I want to be selfish and save myself from being tortured to bits in another yadi-yadi-yah type of phone conversation. I also wanted to save myself from that suggested future coffee date with this neuroscientist—I imagine that I would be trying hard to not fall asleep but had failed to do so and just end up falling face flat on top of my large ceramic cup full of café au lait.

So hell, yeah, no response for the neuroscientist. I don’t have to be nice!


One thought on “I Don’t Have to be Nice!

  1. Your write-up left me laughing for a minute. Really. I really thought everybody shall learn the art of being not-too-nice somehow. But we also fear of its comeback or consequences whenever we let the stronger side rule. There’s nothing wrong with dealing with people who might not be in our line of interest. Everybody was never born alike. So I shall say yes, you did quite a good job on that. Being true to oneself has indeed, remained the top rule in dating. Yet, only some strictly follow. So no blaming for any mismatched couple raging “whatever” emotions to each other. 😉

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