Happy New Year…

The holidays are over and people have shed not only their holiday pounds, but also their holiday spirit of goodwill toward all men (and women), and are now back to their usual, lazy, nasty, useless selves.

Now that it’s almost February, people have gotten back to their regular year-round routine and have forgotten all the things they resolved to do in the new year to better themselves.  Employees are back to going to work late, bosses are back to shouting at and stressing out their employees, students are back to procrastinating for their midterms, criminals are back to stealing and politicians are, well….politicians are pretty much corrupt 365 days of the year.

And recently, on this side of the world, car jackers are back to car-jacking, and terrorists are back to terrorizing.

Yes, the holidays are definitely over and things are quickly going back to normal…

Happy New Year, everyone!



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